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Drinking At College Games Essay

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Running head: Drinking at College Games

Drinking at College Games
Joel Jordan
Troy University

The article, Blood (Breath) Alcohol Consumption Rates of College Football Fans on Game Day, was a quantitative research used to measure the consumption of alcohol drinking of Midwest college student during a home football game. This type of research was performed by having 536 college students, during tailgating, to only drink alcohol within a designated area within the college grounds. This article provided the various ways to lower the college students’ binge drinking by controlling the tailgating drinking areas.

Drinking at College Games

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Some theories have provided pertinent information about binge drinking and this has been identified as the number one threat to campus life (Wheeler, 2009). The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) National Advisory Council defines this kind of drinking as, a pattern of drinking alcohol that brings blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to 0.08 gram percent or above (National Institute of Alcohol and Abuse, 2004, 357). Reviewing the scholarly article, there are some universities that are already implementing restrict time to tailgate before and after the football games, while some universities ban the sale of alcoholic beverages during game time. Tailgating has always been a pass time related to any football games, which have always entitled drinking alcoholic beverages and eating, but more drinking than eating. The participants of this research were alumni, fans, and students of the Midwest universities that were majority Caucasian (91% n = 486), male (64% n =345), with a mean age of 28 (SD = 12.81), there were 599 participants completed the assessment, therefore generated a response rate of 89% (Glassman, Braun, Reindl, & Whewell, 2010). There were only large universities used in this research study that are a part of the Division I sports programs: Division I sports programs have been proven by anecdotal evidence have more excessive drinking than any other universities. If the participate was not coherent, they were not allowed to participate in the study. The study questioner consisted of bias survey questions. College students drink more frequently when they are among a greater number of people than with their peers who do not attend college (Johnston, O’Malley, & Bachman, 1997). Most college students, fans, and alumni do not think there is nothing wrong with them drinking accessibly during tailgating, the football game, or prior to the game. Glassman (2010)...

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