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Drinking Age Limit Essay

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Drinking age laws cover a broad spectrum of behaviors concerned with where, when and under what circumstances beverage alcohol can be purchased and consumed. The minimum legal drinking age refers to the minimum age at which beverage alcohol can be consumed. This may be different from the minimum age at which beverage alcohol can be purchased. Some countries, including Greece and Indonesia, focus their legislation solely on the legal age of purchase of beverage alcohol, and do not address a minimum age for consumption.
Legislation for the minimum drinking age in United States varied from state to state over a decade ago, ranging from 18 to 21. ...view middle of the document...

Recognition of a direct correlation between the raising of the MLDA (minimum legal drinking age) and lower alcohol-related fatalities is not shared by all researchers. Vingilis and De Genova, for example, argue that the alcohol-relatedness of automobile accidents is based on police impressions and thus is purely subjective. Richard Zylman has also noted similar methodological concerns. Huges and Dodder point out that higher accident rates may be due to factors other than young people’s drinking behavior.
Changes in the economy, freedom to drive at an earlier age, changes in the price of gasoline and more young people owning automobiles could, they argue, account for increases in automobile accidents. The Kathryn Stewart Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation in its review of prevention strategies for young adults state that "[m]any other countries find this strategy [the raising of the minimum purchase age] to be culturally unacceptable." The paper references,...

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