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Dried Leaves And Bio Waste As Organic Fertilizer

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Background of the Study

In our country’s farm sector, farmers are using chemical products such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides to make our agriculture more productive. However, these products are expensive, can endangered or harmful man’s health may bring harmful residues from the chemicals content that may destroy the environment.

To give solutions to these problems, researchers are trying to find out some alternative way that are safe to human’s health, cheap and is effective in promoting plant growth without harming the environment.

The fertile soil is weed free and rich in organic matter. The recent technologic process to fertile ...view middle of the document...

These toxins cause numerous health problems and pollute the land. The importance and value of organic fertilizers cannot be understated. Garden, lawn care and lawn maintenance are best served by using natural organic products and fertilizers.

What makes organic fertilizers different from chemical fertilizers is that the materials are a by-product of vegetables, animals or minerals. The decomposing matter from these sources, break down naturally and will provide nutrients and minerals to the soil. When considering lawn maintenance it is necessary to make sure that the lawn or garden gets the all of the nutrients that it needs for healthy growth. Although nutrients are available in regular soil, fertilizers can provide and ensure that plants have a balanced and sustainable access to the nutrients. Proper lawn care includes providing for the health of the lawn and garden.

One of the benefits of organic fertilizer is that the nutrients are released more slowly than in chemical fertilizers. This slower process allows the plants to process the fertilizer in a more natural way and will not result in over fertilizing which could damage the plants. Another benefit of organic fertilizer in your landscaping and lawn care is that it will actually help to improve the soil itself. It will help the soil to retain moisture. The organic substances can break up clay in the soil. The soil drainage and air circulation of the soil can also be improved. When the soil has the structure and nutrients that it needs, lawn care will be easier.

Scope and Delimitations

This study is engaged in comparing organic fertilizers and commercial fertilizers .This study engaged also in comparing dried banana leaves and dried papaya leaves as organic materials for growing tomatoes. These organic materials will be compared in terms of Mean weight of the plant, Mean height of the plant, Mean size of the leaves and Color of the Leaves. Tree harvestings will be done to gather data for tomato. The interval of harvesting is every week.

The experiment will be conducted at Cardenas, Kapalangan, Nueva Ecija in the months of September to December 2013. There are four treatments in this study and will be replicated four times. In Treatment 1, dried banana leaves. In Treatment 2, dried leaves and goat manure, and Treatment 3, dried leaves and goat manure. In treatment 4 is the control or the commercial fertilizer. Loam soil will be used in this study; in addition, There are fifteen tomatoes in each plot.

Review of Related Literature


Ungraduated Thesis (M. Lora, 2009)

M. Lora (2009) observed that many farmers have difficulties in buying

commercial fertilizers. The researcher made this project for every farmer to know that

mango fertilizer can also be an alternative fertilizer. Mango leaves is a fertilizer which is

safe, affordable and...

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