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Dress Code And Uniforms In Schools

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Requiring uniforms or adhering to dress codes is a heated discussion that has been addressed in many schools around the country. Should students be required to wear certain clothes or types of clothing to school? Administrators say that it increases safety and school performance. On the other hand, most students and even some parents do not like the idea of required dress because it may decrease students’ self-confidence. Students should wear uniforms or conform to a dress code to ensure safety and increase simplicity.
Schools are designed to help students prepare for their futures. One of the ways that schools are trying to accomplish this is by implementing dress codes or requiring ...view middle of the document...

If students are required to wear specific clothing to school, shopping for clothes for school and the daily activity of choosing what to wear becomes much simpler. Some uniforms and dress codes require one item that is the same for all, like a jacket. They also can require a particular fabric for the slacks or skirt, like khaki. Certain uniforms even require a particular design of the shirt, like the polo shirt. These types of dress codes provide for some flexibility while requiring a limitation in the choices. This simplicity begins with the purchase or acquisition of clothing, reducing the daily dilemma many students face of “what will I wear today”.
Uniforms can also increase the safety of students during school hours. Teachers and administrators can more easily recognize non-students. This increases the safety of students because administrators can recognize persons in the student area without proper authorization. Both faculty and students can easily spot trespassers when they stand out in a crowd of uniformed students. “The Long Beach, California Unified School District became the first large urban school district in the United States to require school uniforms for children in grades kindergarten through eighth grade in 1994. Long Beach school officials claim that violence and discipline problems dropped dramatically after implementation of the uniform requirement. Overall school crime declined by 36%, fights and weapons offenses by 50%, sex offenses by 74%, suspensions by 32%, and vandalism by 18%” (Rockney, 2005, para. 6). Safety of the students’ is one of the most important jobs of teachers and administrators, and wearing uniforms can help them accomplish this goal.
Furthermore, uniforms can result in a decrease gang activity. It is widely known that students who wear certain colors can be affiliated with a gang. A gang symbol no longer has to be as dramatic as matching leather jackets with their gang name embroidered on the back. Today a gang insignia can be as subtle as a colored handkerchief displayed hanging from the students back pocket. Dr. Rockney (2005) states that “much popular clothing worn by children and teenagers — the baggy low-riding pants and extra-extra large shirts glamorized by popular culture like music videos and movies — is associated with gangs” (para. 5). When the clothing choices for students are restricted, they have a harder time representing a gang, which in turn reduces the level of violence in the school system. When schools require adherence to a clear form of attire, it is much more difficult for gangs to operate on campus as one major form of...

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