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Dreams In Kite Runner Essay

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Explore the use of dreams in the novel
The novel kite runner shows a greater meaning of dreams. It doesn’t just show dreams that you dream with your eyes closed but also dreams that you have but don’t realize as they are more of a fantasy and less of a goal as you feel they are less likely to come true.
In the kite runner there is a moment when Amirrealizes that is all time fantasy to become a writer has come true and was like a dream.
The dream that Amir had of winning Kabul’s annual kite flying tournament was like a foreshadowing of what he wanted to happened but presented to him in a dream and then it becomes true.
There is a mention of dreams in chapter seven when Hassan tells his dream to Amir to boost his confidence but when Amir says that drams ...view middle of the document...

“And in those dreams I could never tell baba from the bear”
Dreams have also been used in this novel to give a meaningful message across to the reader. In chapter seven before the tournament to get rid of Amir fear of losing Hassan tells air his dream about the two boys in the lake. That overcome their fear of the monster in the middle of the lake by confronting it and so when Amir is about to fly his kite and says that “I don’t know maybe we should go home” Hassan replies as remember Amir agha there’s no monster, just a beautiful day” this is meant to make the reader feel like
Most people come to America in search of more opportunities and to get the American dream but I don’t think that Amir and baba came from Afghanistan for that dream as they only came to America to escape the torture and madness of the Russians. However I feel that at the end of the novel Amir does achieve the American dreams as he has a good house, good wife and has become a writer which is a good job.
Dreams have also been shown as desire and wish as Amir at the end of the play has a wish to return to his land as that was his home “I dream that someday you will return to revisit the land of our childhood” he wanted to go back to his home and re-live the memories of his childhood which he cherished but also tried to escape at the same time.
There is a very important quote in this novel that shows great meaning and that is hen at the end of the novel when Amir says that “I dream my son will grow up to be a good person” this quote has a very deep meaning as he is hoping that his soon would grow up to be a good man unlike him as he knew that he has committed a grave sin and the only way to e good again was to make sure that Hassan’s son became the good man that he could never become and by looking after sohrab as his own son.

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