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Dreams Essay 8

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It was an outing with her friends. It was a break from their hectic lives. It was supposed to be fun and exciting but somehow, it didn’t just cut it. Maybe it was because she felt lonely or she just didn’t want to mix around. She wasn’t always like that. No, she used to talk a lot, joke and smile often but under several circumstances, it has been hard. For one thing, she had just buried her precious dog of twelve years. The other was because she just had a disagreement with her best friend.
Throughout the whole time, she was broody and quiet. All her friends took notice immediately at her obvious withdrawal to the group. It might be because someone she rather not be seeing was there ...view middle of the document...

She tip-toed quietly as the occupants in his room were sound asleep and she didn't want to disturb them. As she walked past, one of them stirred and she stood still, waiting for him to fall back asleep. She slid quietly and joined her friend on the balcony. There, she drew a long breath and gazed at the glimmering stars above.
“What’s on your mind?” he muttered silently, breaking her trance. He wasn’t staring at the beautiful scenery but looking directly at her, awaiting a reply. His gaze met hers and she turned red. “It’s really nothing much.”He raised his eyebrows at her. “Really...” She muttered. As she said that, she wanted to hit herself. She was on a holiday with her closest friends and there she was, feeling sorry for herself again. She was starting to wonder when she would ever return to normal. The both of them just stared quietly at the glimmering stars and appreciate the sounds of nature. Finally, he said, “You know, there’s more to life than him. He was only a chapter in your life. It is time you started writing new beginnings. It always gets better.”
She sighed and pondered his advice. He was right, but somehow, she couldn’t let go. Her friends, as a joke, rubbed it in her face and the sting from the wound he caused burned her every time she saw him. She had a feeling that it would be there for a long time. He meant a lot to her. When she needed someone, he was conveniently there. She gave her fragile heart to what she knew now was an asshole and he broke it in two. After that, she had trouble trusting anyone with her thoughts and feelings, in fear of the consequences.
The wind brushed against her, causing her to shiver from the cold. She was brought back to reality as he reached out to hold her, to give her warmth, to protect her. He knew how she felt and wanted to help her. To heal her. Once again, silence struck them. It was not often where the both of them were equally lost for words. The only other time that happened was when she was sad. But he still managed to cheer her up.
“What will happen if I get hurt again?” she whispered. He continued the silence for a while. “Well, you just have to pick yourself up again. This is life. Bad things happen to the best of us.” As he said that, tears cascaded down her cheeks as she silently wept. Panic was aroused inside of him and on impulse, gave her a bear hug. She continued weeping into him as he stroked her hair, calming her down.
“I promise never to hurt you...”
That comment caught her off guard. She looked up to him and he gently wiped her tears away. He was shocked that those words came out of his mouth. He had vowed to keep quiet about his feelings toward her. He didn’t want to complicate her life anymore than it already was. It would make things difficult for him too. There would be questions from their circle of friends, maybe even disgust. But he couldn’t help it. He took her cold hands and brought her closer to...

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