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Dream Of Athlete Essay

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Haoshun Guan
English 96
Paper 1
Dream of Athlete
In the essay “Delusions of Grandeur,” Henry Louis Gates, Jr. talks about the issue of young blacks and their aspirations of being a professional athlete. He argues that there are actually not have many successful black professional athletes, but there are many successful black doctors and lawyers. (COORD)In his argument, he puts most of the blame on schools; stating with that they don’t do enough job in encouraging young black children to pursue other careers beside the sports. Although schools are one of the reasons why black youths are perusing careers as professional athletes, there are also other factors that Gates, Jr. ...view middle of the document...

Gates, Jr. also mentions that many black athletes shirk their social obligation. He is telling us that few athletes are doing great initiative to earmark the young blacks such as: there are many careers better than athlete, there are many ways to get a successful life, and education could serve our community. (PAR)However, it is not the mean reason why black youths are inspired to become the next great basketball player instead of becoming scholars. Well, what can we do about this? Although athletes are the people we see all the time in media, what their say are limit and young people are only interesting in athletes’ story in sports. In the other side, doctors, mayors, lawyers or any other types of scholars in the media are seen as much as athletes. They have the obligation to tell the young blacks either. In today’s generation, athletes are being deemed role models because of their success and earn a lot of money. In the other side, successful professional athlete looks like have an easy life and don’t need to study hard or work hard. Moreover most of the good athletes today are of African American decent. Black youth expect a life like successful athletes, this is the mean reason black youths would tend to look at them as remodels and do what they do, which is becoming a professional athlete.
Another important factor Gates, Jr. could have mentioned is the parents, which he also neglected to mention in his essay. Parents play an important part in what their children chooses career. Family is a key environment to bring up an aspiration. (EMPH) There are many parents are not care about their children school work and understand what career they want. Parents have...

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