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Dramatic Significance Of Essay

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Dramatic Significance of Act I Scene vii Shakespeare has become one of the most enduring playwrights because his plays deal with essential issues for people through all generations. Act I Scene vii of Macbeth is a pivotal scene, portraying the agonizing struggle between good and evil. It is in this scene that evil triumphs over good. The conflict between good and evil is shown in Shakespeare's development of the plot, atmosphere and setting, characters, and theme, as well as through vivid imagery and language. One way Shakespeare portrays the struggle between good and evil in this scene is by making it part of the plot advancement. Macbeth is arguing with himself about whether ...view middle of the document...

Lady Macbeth helps evil overcome the good that could be found in Macbeth. Although not as powerful, the setting and atmosphere highlight the conflict between good and evil as well. The setting in a room in Macbeth's castle after dinner creates an eerie atmosphere. The music and torches make the atmosphere match the evil Lady Macbeth. This atmosphere creates an eerie mood and ties in perfectly with the conflict taking place between two sides of Macbeth's inner self, good and evil, in which the evil conquers good. Also, the development of the characters in this scene helps to show the triumph of evil over good. Macbeth is having a conflict within himself. This conflict is whether or not to kill the king. A good part of Macbeth wants to be loyal and wants respect that he has earned. The evil side of Macbeth wants to kill Duncan to gain power. This conflict has Macbeth's conscious sitting on top of a fence trying to decide which side of the fence he wants to get off on. One of these sides is hard working, eager to earn what it gets. This is the part that doesn't want to lose the respect gained by helping Scotland earn victory in the war. It is also this part of Macbeth that wants to be loyal to Duncan, as his kinsman and his subject. The other side of the fence has the same desire to succeed and desire for respect, but is willing to do anything to get it. This side wants to kill Duncan to try to make the prophecy made by the three witches come true. He wants to become king at all costs. Just as Macbeth begins to lean towards the good side of the fence, Lady Macbeth comes and pulls him down on the evil side where she is already situated. During this scene the reader finds out that Macbeth is an easily persuaded individual and Lady Macbeth is extremely evil and takes advantage of Macbeth's weakness by bringing the evil thoughts out of him. Most importantly, the essential theme in this play is good versus evil. This is such a pivotal scene because Macbeth makes the decision to kill Duncan, taking the evil side in his internal conflict. Shakespeare makes this...

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