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Drama Reaction Of Death Of A Salesman

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ENG 125

Death of a salesman and Hamlet are both great stories and great dramas that over the age other than being taught in school has been left in the dust. The author of death of a salesman is Arthur Miller and his death of a salesman is known to be used in conveying social matter on the American society. Death of a salesman shows how the American dream can be harder to achieve than some people expect it to be. Arthur uses time to his advantage as he uses flashbacks to at one point have a conversation with his dead brother of a past conversation that he is showing other people as he is playing cards. They are used to show his brothers success to try and push him in the right direction for willies sake. His sons also go back to see their past and recollect. Gripping with a influence of the past is a theme that all literature has become in modern literature and of Death of a ...view middle of the document...

While Arthur Miller used such great story driven plot of having Willy stay in his dream world of the successful American dream. His life was collapsing around him from both of his kids failing at what they were trying to do is make their own life but still try and make their dad happy. Willy used his imagination a few times in that he would speak with his dead brother and have conversations that were meant to try and help Willy get his life together but he would also randomly be talking out loud making people believe that he was talking to himself. The imagination that the authored used as I read the story I felt like I related to a lot of the story which kept me into it more. For example Biff was always trying to please his dad and because of that he and his dad never really got along and could never get back on his feet after he failed high school. The reason that I feel like I get this story is that I always feel like I have to please people on a daily basis and because of that sometimes feel like I am a failure to certain people.
The Death of a Salesman is a masterpiece and has so many different aspects from always believing in the American dream and trying to change everyone to fall in to his hopes and dreams and to willy’s dismay no one is able to follow in his footsteps while both of his kids fail at life he is fallen further in to depression and eventually death. One of the best things that make the story stay with the ages is that it is very socially swayed and with that it is much related to the current social aspects. The life that the family has is that the American dream is something to be had when not all people can get the dream, but you must work hard to achieve it.
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