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Dr. Travel United States Essay

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In the article Women in Management in America, women are highly under-represented in upper-level management in many U.S. companies and are also making less than men performing the same types of jobs. The article explains that the glass ceiling is one of the main barriers preventing women from reaching upper management positions. The barrier has been around for many years, but women are starting to break the glass ceiling.
There are some companies that are beginning to recognize that women bring a wealth of talent and expertise to the table and they are exploring this talent and giving them opportunities at upper level management positions. Using the White House as evidence, we ...view middle of the document...

It is difficult for women to achieve career advancement when an old boy network exists because typically the opportunities are passed from one male to another, with women seldom considered.
Stereotypes are said to be most likely the hardest barrier for women to overcome due to society and many business cultures. There are many ways to stereotype a women, for instance the way she speaks in regard to her tone of voice, the way she is built and the way she dresses just to name a few.
Stereotypes based on females’ tone of voice, physical appearance, and manner of
dresses are also barriers to the advancement of women. Oakley (2000) stated that the
leadership standard consists of a low-pitched, masculine-sounding voice, and it is not
unusual for female political candidates to seek help to lower their voice to increase their
credibility with voters. Another stereotype that society places on women is the home and family life.
A clear double standard exists when it comes to raising a family while having a full-time career. This isn't the 50s and women are no longer expected to exist solely as housewives in blue-checkered aprons. This is both good and bad because although a married woman can simultaneously work and raise a family, she is typically viewed as less stable when performing both roles.
In conclusion the article brought up a few ways to improve the...

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