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Dr Powell Essay

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I have learned a lot of informative information in this class. From reading the book to doing the actual virtual assigned labs. The labs were very detailed which made is very interesting to work on them. Completing the class labs made the book make a lot more sense because I was able to do the actual hands on part with the labs on the virtual network. One interesting thing I learned taking this class was about the CAC card that I thought was just a very simple access card, but taking this class Dr. Powell broke it down into sections of how it works. I also worked on Linux and have a better understanding of the operating system.
The Common Access Card, usually known as the CAC card, is a ...view middle of the document...

The domain controller is a server on a Microsoft Windows or Windows NT network that is responsible for allowing host access to Windows domain resources. The domain controllers in a network are the centerpiece of an Active Directory directory service. It stores user account information, authenticates users and enforces security policy for a Windows domain. You usually will add a domain controller to your network when you decide that it is cost effective for your organization to have the unified system of credentials, users, groups, and permissions that an Active Directory domain provides, in addition to the machine and user policies provided by Group Policy. Some of the benefits are that you can control a number of machine and user settings centrally, and users can log onto any machine in the network with one username and password.
Working on the GPO's were pretty easy due to they did break it down, but I finally learned where all of those policy settings are located and how to apply them to different users and groups. I actually had no idea that it was as many policies as it was in the Group Policy Management Editor. One of the topics that lab covered was changing the login hours for a user. This was a fly by process it took a matter of seconds to change these settings. We had to click a checkbox to make sure it was enabled and made sure that there was a time in the time slot. All of these settings fall under the Microsoft Active Directory.
Microsoft Active Directory allows you to use group policies to define user or computer settings for an entire group of users or computers at one time. The settings that you configure are stored in a Group Policy Object (GPO), which is then associated with Active Directory objects such as sites, domains, or organizational units. Group policies cover many different aspects of the network, desktop, and software configuration environment. They consist of the following an Application deployment policy and these policies assign or publish applications to users or computers, and affect the applications that users access on the network. Next is the File deployment which allows an administrator to place files in special folders on the user's computer, such as the desktop or My Documents areas. Also Using a script policy, an administrator can specify scripts that should run at specific times, such as login/logout or system start up/shutdown. While administrators can use software policies to globally configure most of the settings in user profiles, such as desktop settings, Start menu options, and applications. Then the last one is Security policies which allows an administrator to restrict user access to files and folders, configure how many failed login attempts will lock an account, and control user rights.
Microsoft has also released a tool to make changes to Group Policy called Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM). This tool is available for any organization that has licensed the Microsoft Desktop...

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