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Dr Monseah Biography (Not My Work!)

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Photo None Dr. Thomas Mensah, a world renowned inventor with 7 US and worldwide patents in Fiber Optics over a period of six years, was born in 1950 in Kumasi, Ghana.
He won the French Government Fellowship in 1974 to do graduate studies in Chemical Engineering at Montpelier University France, after receiving his undegraduate degree in the same field from UST Kumasi ( 1970-74). Prior to his undergraduate work, Dr. Mensah attended Wesley College practice school, Kumasi and Adisadel college Cape Coast. Dr. Mensah who is fluent in French won the ...view middle of the document...

Mensah is a founding member of the Emerging Technologies area for the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE). He is the first and only black person to serve as the National Chairman of the Materials and Engineering Sciences Division of the AIChE. He has edited two book volumes for AIChE, namely Fiber Optics Engineering, 1987 and Superconductor Engineering, 1992. Dr. Mensah was elected to serve as a Director and member of the Council of Board of Directors of this pre-eminent engineering organization from 1987 -1990. He also served on the visiting committee/Advisory board for Chemical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,MIT from 1988 -1992.

As a world expert in the field of advanced materials, Dr. Mensah has worked on specialized projects for NASA (Superconductors for space communications), the US Army (Smart munitions Picatinny Arsenal) and US Department of Energy, (Fiber optics sensors for Highway Traffic monitoring). Dr. Mensah has additional patents pending in some of these areas.

Dr. Mensah has recently led a team in the design and comissioning of one of the worlds most advanced scalable high vacuum, Radio Frequency sputtering system used for fabricating computer chips and other electronic products. His current work include next generation MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems) and Nano systems Technology. Dr Mensah has other ventures in the US aimed at improving technology transfer to developing nations and enhancing trade such as the African-Ecommerce.Com Corporation ,as well as web based training programs aimed at producing a competitive workforce for the...

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