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Dr In Mba Essay

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A Template for Analysis and Strategy

This template is designed for the analysis and planning phases of global marketing strategy development. Students must conduct “real” research for completing a substantial and coherent marketing plan. First, you will develop a comprehensive customer, competitor, organizational and environmental analysis. This entails the next stage for an effective marketing mix strategy followed by implementation and control.

The marketing plan should be fully justified, which means students must explain why a particular method, tactic, or ...view middle of the document...

Economic Growth and Stability – How do economic factors affect this market, product and our customers? Consider factors that are relevant (recession, prosperity, employment level, interest rates, inflation rate, median family income, stock market performance, etc…)

2. Political Trends and Legal and Regulatory Factors – What governmental issues affect our product, industry, and customers? Are there elections, legislative proposals, or legal issues that will affect our strategies? How?

3. Technology Issues - What are the technology trends that are affecting this industry and product? How has technology affected our customers, competitors and operations?

4. (Sub)Cultural Trends - What general attitudes, beliefs, and values are affecting this industry and product? How does our product and industry fit with cultural issues of concern to our customers and noncustomers?

5. Social Responsibility Expectations – How do norms and obligations expected in the business context and relationships affect our industry, customers, and products? Consider employee and consumer rights, environmental issues, and community concerns.

COMPETITOR ANALYSIS (alternative providers)

A. Four Levels of Competition

1. Brand Competition (involves products of the same type; very similar attributes)

2. Product Competition (relates to products in same general category)

3. Generic Competition (fulfills same general need/want)

4. Total Budget Competition (competes for same consumer dollar)

B. Core Competencies and Strategies of Significant (global) Competitors

1. Competitor A

2. Competitor B

3. Competitor C

CUSTOMER ANALYSIS (conducted for each major customer segment)

A. Seven Questions of Customer Analysis

1. Who are they?...

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