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Dr. Bennis Essay

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Leadership Maturity and Candor

On Becoming a Leader, is quite an easy read, as it is relevant to my life experiences, and especially my leadership career. After reading the book, I now understand why this book is a classic. This is because it touches on so many aspects of my daily life. I appreciated the author making it such a relevant read, reader friendly to even the most unsophisticated of readers. To help explain and explore what stood out I will review the paragraph that stood out for me. Secondly, my life experiences juxtaposed to my understanding of the book, and finally discuss why this paragraph stood out for me.

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I did my studies and eventually graduated from Kaplan University with my BS in Accounting. While attending school, I worked as a security guard for many security companies. Eventually I found myself heading construction then event security at the Staple Center in Los Angeles. This was my first major leadership role at the age of 19, managing a staff of over 80. This came with its own challenges, including immaturity, new culture, different English terms, and inexperienced leader. The most profound moments during my reading, is when I remember challenges with candor, and immaturity. This is because of challenges brought by inexperience and dealing with a lot older individuals who had no education, or minimum exposure to employment training.

This brings me to another great quote on the book, “Leaders, then, learn from their experiences. Learning from experience means: Looking back at your child hood and adolescences and using what happened to you then to enable you to make things happen now, so that you become the master of your own life rather than its servant….(Bennis, 2009, pg. 93). This quote reminds me of the experiences, maturity and candor evolution throughout my career and personal life. This evolution comes from being a security manager, ran accounting departments, managed companies, owned and sold companies. I can attest that all my life accomplishments or failures revolve around maturity and candor. This is because as a leader and learning from my past experiences, there is more appreciation of my knowledge today. I still consider myself young as from some of the examples of great leaders finding themselves and creating their best work at 80, still...

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