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Downfall Of Mankind Essay

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The Downfall or Making Mankind
The stem cell controversy has ignited great debate around the world. The mere subject makes people stand in arms or profess its place in science. Scientists proclaim that the stem cell is the most powerful cell in the human body. The stem cell has the ability to morph into any other type of human cell. In most religions, stem cell research has been viewed as playing God. The belief that unwanted embryos are being used and the dreaded words “legalizing abortions” in order to obtain stem cells has reviled people worldwide. While politicians in the United States have based their platform for stem cell research for a cure, or attempting to legalize abortions ...view middle of the document...

96 ). We have so much progress In the stem cell research that it is now astounding, with over two thousand research papers on embryonic and adult stem cells being used in treatments for over one hundred conditions including leukemia, Hunter’s syndrome, and heart disease.
One of the biggest struggles the United States is facing today is obesity. Millions of Americans suffer from being overweight and under fit. This is partially due to the lifestyle of many Americans today. There are many who suffer from obesity and want to be fit but have genetic hold backs. Stem cell researches may have found a way to help these individuals and aid them in their process to lose their fat and be healthier. Nancy Gibbs, who published a study, found a way to use adult stem cells to convert fat tissue in the body to smooth muscle cells. Not only would this help with the body shape, but developing muscle would also contribute to other functions the human body uses muscles for.
In most religions the controversy over embryonic stem cell research centers on whether human life in the form of an embryo less than two weeks after conception is also a human person. If it is a person, then extracting stem is considered murder. Religious leaders believe in the right to life. The majority of people do not have a problem with adult stem cell research and bettering of mankind. It is the idea that taking the life of an embryo that cannot defend itself will not better mankind, but that it would lead to mankind ethically and moral downfall. Playing God does not sit right with religious leaders. They feel as though you’re choosing who lives and who dies. To them, it is God’s choice and not mankind’s. Stem cell research is forcing us not only to reexamine how we define the beginning of life but how we come to terms with the end of life as well. We should not have to make that decision, it is God’s decision.
In the process of In Virto Fertilization, the process of creating an embryo is just getting the ball rolling. The embryo must still be placed inside the woman’s womb and the embryo must go through the natural process of baby birth. It is sad to say, but sometimes the natural way of life results in death during pregnancy of the embryo. ...

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