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Down With The People Essay

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Down With the People
Who’s to blame for the political mess? You.
By: Jacob Weisberg
America wants everything to just fix itself or be fixed by the government but without the government growing. In fact most Americans would rather lessen government as a whole, though this is more of a republican view then a democratic one. (I guess everyone is bias based on his or her own wants, opinions, and favorable party.) Weisberg continues by stating in the article that one year ago 59% of Americans liked the economic stimulus plan but after a few months almost the same majority said Barack Obama was spending too much money on it. Though I don’t really agree with Barack Obama on really ...view middle of the document...

Everyone is just living in “ Candyland where government can tackle the big problems and get out of the way at the same time ”. America’s view on how the country should be run seems a bit out of reach, some would even say impossible. But we could come close, by limiting government spending, mostly cutting social programs, and by lowering taxes. This would be a survival of the fittest attitude but without anyone getting eaten by anyone else.
Who’ll Pay the Piper?
Big governments big shortfall
By: Robert J. Samuelson
In Robert J. Samuelson’s Who’ll Pay the Piper he discusses Americas deficit and how we are just adding to it with the expected government spending of $45.8 trillion from 2011-2020. Samuelson starts off by saying there are crucial questions that hardly anyone proposed; “what should the federal government do and why, and who should pay?” He goes on discussing that there are three major “figures [that] capture the essence of our predicament” of debt.
First, in the next nine years the government will only receive $37.3 trillion in taxes and receipts but will spend $45.8 trillion. That is an $8.5 trillion difference, and that is A LOT of money. It’s confusing how government will plan to spend so much even if they plan on not making that much, only putting us farther in debt. To me it seems really ignorant, it’s like buying things on credit and not having the money to pay it back, your interest goes up, your debt grows, and soon enough the bank starts taking things. Sadly in our case it won’t be the banks, it’ll be all the countries we owe money to. Yet no one in the American government is thinking about that.
Second, $20 trillion of the projected $45.8 trillion will go to social programs, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. This is the point that you see Samuelson is a republican by the way he talks about social programs. Samuelson gives a good point that “the budget is mainly a vehicle for transferring income to retirees from workers, who pay most of the taxes”. The bad thing is the generation of our parents was large due to the “baby boom” where as ours is significantly smaller. This is a...

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