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Dove Beauty English 102 Essay

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Olivia Fortier
March 14, 2014
C. Hellwig
English 102-038
Rhetorical Analysis
Women Don’t Have to Be One Shape to Be Beautiful
Dove’s Real Beauty advertising campaign is meant to promote a positive body image for young girls and women alike. The campaign was designed to combat problems women have been facing for decades, even centuries: self esteem issues and unrealistic views on body image. If you ask a woman her definition of beauty she will more than likely give you the description of a fashion model. The fashion models portray an unattainable, unrealistic, and often times unhealthy body image. Most women have a skewed image of what a healthy body physique looks like because ...view middle of the document...

Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign was revolutionary in portraying a positive body image for all women. The Dove campaign helped women see themselves in a different light. The Dove campaign may not be completely straightforward, however it appears to be clear enough, to love your body just as you are.
It could be argued the campaign is explicit because the women in the campaign are standing there in their undergarments and seem to be quite confident and the campaign has clear text that read, “Real Beauty”. However, I do not believe that Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign is plainly expressed. I believe that there are underlying meanings to the campaign, which lead me to believe that there are implicit messages in the Dove campaign. There is a hidden message behind the Real Beauty Campaign that I believe one might miss if not analyzed closely. At first glance it may seem as though the Dove campaign just wants you to feel empowered as a woman and comfortable in your own skin, at whatever weight, height, skin tone or hair color you may have. However when you examine the campaign more carefully and you dig a bit deeper, you realize the message is really, “if you want real beauty buy Dove.” Also, a closer examination of Dove’s campaign reveals that these women may actually be closer to the average size woman compared to the women we often see in magazines and on billboards. However the Dove women are really the “ideal” average size women. They have the perfect hourglass frame without a stitch of cellulite. If you look at them closely one might consider them to be plus-sized models. It doesn’t appear to be that Dove randomly chose these women from the street, rather it seems as though they were carefully chosen to portray Dove’s image of health.
Dove’s Real Beauty campaign wasn’t intended to directly address men, but that doesn’t mean that men aren’t looking. This campaign while not directly selling sex, is still...

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