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Dove Analysis

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BACKGROUND: Brief description of the players, history, issues in text, not bullet, format. Include all major players, stock symbol if a public company, but do not include problem/opportunity.
Format: Text/paragraphs; no more than 1-2 pages.
Dove is a worldwide company that provides products for the personal care; they include not only skin care products such as soaps, body lotions, hand creams, body wash and deodorants but also products for hair care like shampoos, conditioners and various hair care remedies.
Dove was introduced on the market in 1955 and today it is one of the most famous brands in the cosmetic industry being sold in over 35 ...view middle of the document...

Ogilvy is the author of many important campaigns for Dove, all of them successful and real women become testimonials for Dove.
Starting from that moment, the Dove brand was born.
Dove products were texted and promoted by real women to real women and this is also what is happening nowadays. Women were so enthusiastic about the products offered by Dove especially during ‘70s when an important CLINIC STUDY affirmed that Dove had been RACCOMANDATO by dermatologists and magazines.
During 80’s Dove launched a new campaign for its consumers: “Try Dove for 7 days and find your skin more soft and hydrated. The response of consumers was very positive and women FIDUCIA in Dove raised again.

BUSINESS GOAL: What is the ultimate goal of the organization? Why does it exist?
Dove is a well-affirmed company in the cosmetic industry. Dove offers products for the personal care and its first target is women any races and any ages. Dove has build its brand on real women beauty. In fact many times women have been the main sponsor of Dove products.

STATEMENT OF PROBLEM OR OPPORTUNITY: Why exactly is the campaign being contemplated now? Provide the reader with enough information to get a clear sense of the challenge or opportunity today.
The Dove campaign for real beauty started in 2004 but nowadays it is still actual. After 2004, the campaign didn’t stop but it went on with many different initiatives touching all the most important media such as tv, magazines, web and social media. With that campaign, Dove wanted to increase the brand awareness by celebrating women beauty in all its shapes and colors RICORRENDO to different strategies year after year. The campaign had real women as testimonials of the product; that means Dove wanted to differentiate from all the other brands by taking common women with DIFETTI and sometimes not so young as testimonials of the brand in order to demonstrate the beauty The brand wants to focus on the women real beauty in...

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