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Doraemon Significance Of Icons Essay

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There is no doubt that Doraemon is absolutely best-known and a hero as an animation character not only in Japan, but also in other countries. Doraemon was created as a robot, sent to assist a fourth-grade knucklehead named Nobi Nobita from 22nd century, and has captured the hearts and inspired the dreams of children around the world 30 years ago by the author, through comic books, televisions and movies. The author of Doraemon, Fujiko Fujio, passed away in September 1996 and became an award-winning writer later on. Doraemon is still remained as the best superstar in this world and our minds. The secrets of his fame for the Japanese are: history, global activities which Doraemon fs production ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, when the official version was published in October 1998 it sold over 10 million copies and became a bestseller, the animation series made its overseas debut in Hong Kong in 1981, and has since been broadcast in numerous countries, including Italy, Brazil, and Singapore. In 1992, it was shown in Russia as a part of a joint Japan-Russia friendship and exchange program. Doraemon has transcended books and television to become one of Japan fs goodwill ambassadors, with initiatives like the Doraemon Education Fund in Vietnam and the Doraemon Fund-Raising Campain to help provide relief to victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey.One of the most fascinated aspects of Doraemon is his collection of over 1,800 gsecret gadgets. Most of the children who watch the series have been inspired by these devices: a tiny propeller, which when placed on his head, becomes a gpersonal copter h enabling him to fly: a gwherever door h through which he can walk to wherever he wants to go; and his four dimensional pocket, which houses his endless assortment of gadgets. When you were a child, although it was not possible to do, you probably had hoped to fly into the spacious sky. That was always impossible thing to do physically. The one who dreams about such wishes is Nobi Nobita, as a substitute of children, in an animation. Doraemon is at Nobita fs home for his assistant to fulfill the small wish of a child. Doraemon also...

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