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Dope, Dope, or Dope?
This will likely be the most dope paper ever written. Unless of course, the author is a complete dope and does not know how to write. Maybe it will be so bad that the reader will want to use dope to recover from the reading. So which one is it? Dope, dope, or dope? Over the years, many words go through transitions in their usage and meaning. The adjective dope serves as an excellent example of one of these such words. Who really even knows what it means anymore having gone through change after change depending on the era, user and situation as well as many other factors. Based off these various reasons, the word dope has taken on many different meanings over the years ...view middle of the document...

It served and still serves as a slang description of a nickname of any drug but more commonly heroin and marijuana. More recently, it has begun to include the use of any sort of athletic performance-enhancing drug in an athletic competition. An example of this can be seen with the Lance Armstrong blood doping scandal after winning the Tour de France.
Interestingly enough, Dope as well as describing drugs, is more commonly being used as slang and in conversation as an adjective to replace cool or awesome. This is the real new definition of the word that people need to understand. The word dope has gone through quite the journey of definitions over its lifetime, but the current definition is an adjective used to describe something extremely cool or exciting. One might think it to be befuddling or slightly questionable how a word can take on the exact opposite meaning it was intended for, but this is the case for many words at this time. Dope is just another word following the trend that is seen as anti-language or giving a bad word positive connotation such as “sick” or “fresh.” It is amazing to examine how the time period really shaped how it was used in conversation.
It is understandable that it would be tough to keep up with a word that takes on a new meaning every number of years, but people need to get current so they do not accidently use it with the wrong intentions. My aunt is one of these individuals that needs to get up to date. During a sailing race, my brother was making serious mistakes attempting to trim the sail which he usually manages to accomplish easily. She continually called him a “dope” on numerous occasions trying to tell him how stupid his sailing technique was. This would have made sense during her timeframe over fifty years ago, but in this current day setting the message was not delivered. To my brother, the word dope seemed to be a form of...

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