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Dont You Hate Having Two Head

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Don’t you hate having two heads?
The stereotypical gender roles are that men are the strongest, the dominant character in a story or scenario, and females are the ones who are done what they are told, Women are expected to be the ones who are afraid, perhaps also as a more weaker sex, if the story didn’t tell us who was the man and the woman, we would automatic set the gender roles so the most dominant would be the man, this story could have been written so the genders was switched around at first and then switched again later on so at first the killer was the man but then when the story was finished the writer made some changes so the killer was the girl.
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The title: Don't you hate having two heads? Is refers to a painting in the story. Don’t you hate having two heads is kinda like saying a two-faced person.

Richard is a mysterious man he doesn't tell his real name and only a small part of where he lives, he has interests in art, he is married but doesn’t talk about and hides any clues about it, he likes tall and hard to get women he is 40 years old but likes younger women and find himself more attractive then he used to, high self-esteem
Jessica is a young woman who are very manipulative, likes art, blond shoulder long hair, tall, elegant, brown-eyed, with a voice with an American accent that was light and attractive, about 30 years old, sly, her full name is Jessica David, she is a very direct person, she says she is a student/postgrad, she is Canadian, not afraid of strangers.

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