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Dont Shoot The Dog Book Review

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alternatives to incarceration Book REview |
Don’t Shoot the Dog! |
The New Art of Teaching and Training |
Teresa Fuller |
5/11/2010 |

Don’t Shoot the Dog! Provides a wonderful explanation and description of proper methods and laws around shaping undesirable behavior as an alternative to punitive discipline, be whether it is a student, child or animal these methods will apply. I am studying juvenile incarceration and alternatives to detention, this subject has opened my eyes to many red flags in the juvenile justice system, one being incarceration of low level offenders. In this book review I will discuss the importance and significance of this book, its content, meaning, ...view middle of the document...

The intent of this book is to guide parents, teachers, coaches, trainers etc. in changing unwanted behavior in a positively reinforced way. Overall the author wants people to see reinforcement as an “..[I]ndividual experience which may lead to benefits for all” (Pryor, 1999). She also feels that living creatures have a right to food, shelter and a reinforcing environment. I agree, having a society that reinforces you and your behavior will cause you to feel welcome and like a part of that society. You feel needed and included which will make it easier to take ownership and accountability over your actions.
I chose this book because it shows effective and ineffective ways to change unwanted behavior in any subject. When working with young adults we need to reinforce the behavior that we desire to see. Our society utilizes negative reinforces as a way to discipline juvenile delinquents with the hope that they do not reoffend. We do not reinforce good behavior rather we negatively reinforce bad behavior. For those youth who are craving attention they will act out in order to receive that attention because their positive actions go unnoticed. Instead of decreasing delinquency we are actually adding to the problem. The author speaks about various ways to reinforce the type of behavior we seek in individuals in such a way that it has a lasting effect on the subject. The only weakness of this book would be that I would have liked it to be geared...

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