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A linked list is made up of a series of objects, called the nodes of the list. Because a list node is a distinct object. Linked lists are among the simplest and most common data structures.
The principal benefit of a linked list over a conventional array is that the list elements can easily be inserted or removed without reallocation or reorganization of the entire structure because the data items need not be stored contiguously in memory or on disk, while an array has to be declared in the source code, before compiling and running the program. Linked lists allow insertion and removal of nodes at any point in the list, and can do so with a constant number of operations if the link previous ...view middle of the document...

Operation on Doubly Link List:
* Search
* Insert
* Delete

Sample Program of Singly Linked List

import java.util.Scanner;

class linkedlist
int data;
linkedlist next;

linkedlist(int value)
{ = value;

void display()

class linked
public linkedlist fstnode, lastnode;

fstnode = null;
lastnode = null;

/* Insert node or create linked list */
void insertnode(int value)
linkedlist node = new linkedlist(value); = null;
if(fstnode == null)
fstnode = lastnode = node;
System.out.println("Linked list created successfully!");
{ = node;
lastnode = node;
System.out.println("Node inserted successfully!");

/* Delete node from linked list */
void delete()
int count = 0, number, i;
linkedlist node, node1;
Scanner input = new Scanner(;

for(node = fstnode; node != null; node =
node = node1 = fstnode;
System.out.println(count+" nodes available here!");
System.out.println("Enter the node number which you want to delete:");
number = Integer.parseInt(input.nextLine());
if(number != 1)
if(number <= count)
for(i = 2; i <= number; i++)
node =;

for(i = 2; i <= number-1; i++)
node1 =; =; = null;
node = null;
System.out.println("Invalid node number!\n");
fstnode =;

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