Dont Be Late Essay

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Class A Inspection


Terminal Learning Objective

Enable students to successfully participate in a class A inspection
Enabling Learning Objectives
Identify and implement
standard for clothing items
Place nameplate properly
Place insignia properly
Place service ribbons properly
Place badges properly
General appearance

Class A Clothing

Class A Jacket
Males: single-breasted, extends below the crotch, conforming to body shape with no prominent flare, sleeve length is 1” below bottom of wrist
Females:single-breasted, hip-length, conforming to body shape with no prominent flare, sleeve length is 1” below bottom of wrist

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Necktie: males will wear four-in-hand tie no shorter than 2” above belt or longer than bottom of belt buckle; also required for long sleeve shirt; tie tack/clasp optional
Necktab: females will wear necktab with class A uniform and when long sleeve shirt is worn alone
Accessories (cont.)
Males: Leather (patent leather), oxford style, with 3 eyelets
Low quarters: Leather (patent leather), oxford style, with 3 eyelets, heel no greater than 2”
Pumps: Leather (patent leather), closed toe and heel, heel ½” to 3”, sole less than ½”
Males: worn on right breast pocket, centered left to right and between the top of the button and the top of the pocket
Females: 1-2” above the top button, centered horizontally on wearer’s right side
US/Branch Insignia
Males: 1” above notch, centered so that centerline is parallel to inside edge of lapel
Insignia (cont.)
Female: 5/8” from the notch, centered between collar and lapel seam, centerline parallel to inside edge of lapel
Insignia (cont.)

Distinctive shoulder insignia: centered on shoulder loop, equidistant from shoulder seam to outside edge of button, with base towards shoulder seam
Insignia (cont.)
Regimental distinctive Insignia:
Males: 1/8” above top of right breast pocket, ¼” above unit awards (if worn)
Females: ½” above nametape, ½” above unit awards (if worn)
Rank: Specialists and below will were non-subdued rank, centered on the collar 1” from the point with the centerline bisecting the collar point
Service Ribbons: worn in...

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