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Donation Letter Essay

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January 25, 2013
Mr. Joe Bloe
Chase Bank
555 Regional Road
Mount Laurel, NJ 08054

Dear Mr. Joe Bloe,

Canon Supply Company is a large and diverse nonprofit social service agency headquartered in Huntsville, AL with over 170 programs in 14 states. We are loyal customers of Chase Bank that hold accounts with your bank in multiple states. Canon serves over 35,000 individuals annually, 800 of these who are individuals with disabilities. These individuals have a range of incomes, and all are in need of enhancing their financial ...view middle of the document...

This campaign will include education and hands-on training related to: Banking, investments, insurance, and budgeting. This campaign will allow individuals with disabilities to participate in all ordinary facets of the financial world that most people take for granted..

We are humbly requesting your assistance with empowering our Individuals with disabilities by donating your time and resources to this cause. Canon would welcome the opportunity for you to participate by coming to our organization and communicating with our team of professionals in specific areas:
* Second chance banking for those who successfully complete our structured Financial Literacy course
* Presenting information from a Wells Fargo perspective to our targeted audience during the workshop (financial planning)
* Credit needs for the populations that Canon serves
* Funding in support of economic development through financial literacy
* Provide specialized training to a peer specialist on financial literacy

Please join us at Canon Supply Company as we continue in our efforts to serve and respond to the needs of the community. Your assistance and expertise will be greatly appreciated.


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