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Donald Essay

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All of the following are key sources of Army transportation hazards EXCEPT:
* Air operations
* Port operations
* Rail operations
* POV operations
What document mandates the integration of composite risk management into the unit safety and occupational health program?
* AR 385-10
* FM 5-19
* DA Pam 385-40
* DA Pam 385-90
What key resource(s) are available to commanders for assistance with loss prevention?
* Sexual Assault/Prevention Response Program
* Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
* Army Substance Abuse Program
* All of the above
Which of the following best describes how the composite risk management process should be reflected in your ...view middle of the document...

S. Department of Energy website
* DOD instructions
* Army technical bulletins and regulations
* SDDC approved pamphlets
Which of the following best describes how you assess hazards in the composite risk management process?
* Estimate the probability and severity and then determine the risk level using the risk assessment matrix
* Estimate the risk level and probability and then determine the severity using the risk assessment matrix
* Estimate the severity and risk level and then determine the probability using the risk assessment matrix
* Estimate the risk level by adding the probability and severity ratings
What document is a guide for applying the composite risk management process to conserve combat power and resources?
* AR 385-10
* FM 5-19
* DA Pam 385-10
* FM 71-123
What is the purpose of the pre-accident plan?
* To establish procedures which result in preventing accidents
* To specify duties, and immediate actions in the event of an accident
* To identify legal requirements for investigations
* To direct fire and rescue personnel to the accident site
All of the following are key workplace hazards EXCEPT:
* Personal protective equipment not available, not used, or not used properly
* Standards not known, not enforced, or not followed
* Unlicensed equipment operators
* Lack of written procedures to perform a task
An accidental fire caused $1.5 million in damage to a hangar. No one was injured. What accident class is this?
* Class A
* Class B
* Class C
* None of the above
What are your primary resources for unit safety expertise, training, tools, or publications?
* Your installation safety office
* U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center
* Your ADSO
* All of the above
Which of the following can Soldiers use to determine residual risk for a planned privately owned vehicle trip?
* Travel Risk Planning System
* Army Readiness Assessment Program
* Leaders’ Risk Assessment
* Risk Management Information System (RMIS)
The off-duty activity that results in the greatest number of accidents and disabling injuries include everything EXCEPT:
* Softball
* Football
* Swimming
* Basketball
Who is responsible for applying composite risk management in unit operations?
* The ADSO
* The commander
* Everyone
* None of the above
The following are all principles of the army Safety Program EXCEPT:
* Decision makers at every level will employ the composite risk management process
* Provisions for safety enforcement begin at the company level
* Performance standards for military and civilian managers will include safety performance as a rating element
* Soldiers and employees should be encouraged to report hazards
In the unit safety program, the ADSO is responsible for all of the following EXCEPT:
* Establishing expectations for safe behavior
* Conducting composite risk management training
* Advising the command on safety issues...

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