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Don't Get Me Started On Coursework

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Don’t get me started on motorcycles. Maybe you’re part of the extravagant, ‘rock and roll’; tattooed, leather wearing-Mohawk-dyed people who enjoy riding motorcycles. Everything about motorbikes makes my skin crawl; the smell, the engine when you speed up but especially, the danger. I suppose that’s why purchase them, for the risk and the adrenalin rush. Maybe. Although, I don’t understand why one earth people are drawn to these death traps. We all know how many accidents and fatalities occur yet still, people buy them.
Picture this, you’re en route to work but you’re stuck behind a ton of traffic. Angry drivers are beeping, swearing and complaining but as you look over your shoulder, you can hear a ‘grrrr’ sound. Within a blink of any eye, a big, black motorbike turns by accelerating in front of you so now, you’re going to ...view middle of the document...

It speeds past you and your lunch; interrupting the birds, making your magazine have a panic and blow out of your grasp, and everyone’s laughs are now moans about how annoying motorcycles are. It starts with a little roar and gets louder and louder until it sounds like a lion when you get too close.
Also, what ticks me off even more is that you always see a red ‘L’ sticker at the rear of the bike. We’ve all seen it, that classic learner sticker. I don’t understand why this always annoys me so much; I assume it’s the fact that that essentially, you have to learn to ride a bike with a motor. This seriously annoys me as you never get a learner sticker when you first learn to ride a bike so what’s the need when it’s basically the same concept?
Only two people can ‘enjoy’ motorcycles I find it extremely weird. You can buy a banged up van for a couple of hundred pounds which can accommodate seven people or you can buy a Kawasaki for six thousand pounds. If someone said “Hey! Jump in my BMW” or “Hey! Jump on the back of my motorbike” which sounds more attractive? Being squished up in the frosty bitter wind with a high probability of being hurt if not killed or sitting down on the opulent warm seats listening to the radio whilst admiring the cream leather.
A survey online asks people what attracts them to motorcycles. Several people say “For the adrenalin”; others say “it makes me look cool” but most people reply “I’m just stupid.” The thing is that bikers buy these ‘bikes’ to look good and show off, not forgetting the danger. They need to understand that it doesn’t make one look cool but it does the complete opposite. What also makes me boil is that they all cyclists know that when they are on the road, they are risking their lives. They fully well know the how many accidents occur, the death toll and when they are turning a sharp bend how easy it is to lose control. Unfortunately, this doesn’t stop them gelling their hair up into a spikier, higher, pinker Mohawk and speed off. Isn’t it silly?

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