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Each organized business is classified into an industry (United States Census Bureau, 2012). NAICS stands for North American Industrial Classification System. These specific codes are used by the government and businesses to classify different organizations by a certain type of economic activity (Thompson, Peteraf, Gamble, & Strickland, 2012. The NAICS code for Domino’s Pizza is 722513 (United States Census Bureau, 2012). This code is for Limited-Service Restaurants (United States Census Bureau, 2012). The definition of the code is stated as, “This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing food services (except snack and nonalcoholic beverage bars) where patrons ...view middle of the document...

We strive to be number one in pizza and number one in people. At Domino’s we take pride in customer satisfaction and provide returns for all investors through high revenues and income from operations (Domino's Corporate, 2013).
According to their website, Domino’s Pizza Vision statement is the following: Number 1 in Pizza, Number 1 in People (Domino's Corporate, 2013). The vision statement is geared towards a more long-term view than the mission statement. Also stated on the company’s website were several important values relating to their mission and vision statement. Their values include, Treat people as you’d like to be treated, produce best for less, measure, manage and share what’s important, think big and grow, set the bar high, train, never stop learning, promote from within, and we are not ordinary, we are exceptional (Domino's Corporate, 2013).

Enterprise Strategy
There is no Enterprise Strategy for Domino’s Pizza Corporation.

Corporate Level Strategy
Domino’s Pizza competes head on in the fast food industry, among companies like McDonald’s, KFC, Chick-fil-A, etc. However, more specifically, Domino’s serves in the pizza delivery restaurants. These restaurants include Pizza Hut, Papa Johns, and any other local pizza delivery brick and mortar.
An innate strategic advantage that Domino’s has over its competitors in the fast food restaurant industry are their 10,255 operating stores in the U.S. and international countries. As reported in their 10K report, Domino’s operates at three different segments along the business line. The first segment is domestically owned and franchised stores. This consists of the 4,540 franchised stores and 388 company-owned stores in the United States (“Domino’s Pizza, Inc.” 2012). The second segment that they operate in are their domestic supply-chain stores. “Domino’s supply-chain segment operates dough manufacturing and supply-chain centers, one thin-crust, one supply, and one vegetable center” (“Domino’s Pizza Inc.”, 2012). The third, and final segment that the company uses are their International operating stores, which conclude at a tally of “5, 327 stores outside of the contiguous United States.”(“Domino’s Pizza Inc.” 2012).
The overall attitude towards growth for Domino’s Pizza is to grow and become the largest, fastest, and overall best pizza delivery company in the world. To do this, they operate themselves by implementing and executing an array of growth strategies.
The first strategy that Domino’s executes on is concentration strategy. This strategy consists of a basic principle in which a business or company does one thing and does this one task very well. There are three sub-strategies underneath the concentration strategy and the first one is known as product development. The product development strategy means that a company sells a “new product” in the same market. Domino’s is using the product development strategy by selling new types of pizza, the thin crust and deep dish,...

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