Domino Stones Essay

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Domino Stones

Domino effect is a kind of chain reaction that occurs when an event already occurred leads another event to start. Such events happen in human life at certain times that even a tiny detail can gain a great sense.

One fine day people of Leenwar province in Netherlands got together and tried to break a world record, building dominoes in a row. They built 23 thousand pieces of domino stones. Just then, a sparrow flew into building and land on several domino bricks. The wave triggered by sparrow eventually caused all of the bricks to fall, starting from one end to the other within seconds with the domino effect. Consequently, they failed to break the record. Moreover, what is weird is that a man from the crowd suddenly pulls his gun, shoots the sparrow and kills it in front of everybody’s eyes!

We virtually have numerous good deeds and beauties fleeting away from our lives, just like domino bricks, ...view middle of the document...

Because watching all stones, which we had already built meticulously toppling by one by will definitely cause great pain in our hearts…

According to some people, life is simply an effort to give a meaning to inexpressiveness. Everybody is installing a sense on life with his or her own way and perhaps is building all his or her life on it. Therefore, the shorter and the more concise we keep the meanings, the longer we make the part of life worth living.

An article I recently read in the Journal of Genç Gelişim (Youth Development) must be a good example of a seemingly minor event, which could further lead to undesirable results.

“Little girl glimpses at a sad stranger. This glimpse makes the man feel himself better. In this mood, he remembers not to have thanked his friend who helped him out last week. He writes a note and sends it right away. His friend is so glad to receive appreciation that he gives plenty of tips to the waiter in the restaurant where he eats his lunch every day. That is the first time for the waiter to receive such an amount of a tip. She puts some portion of the money she earned in the poor man’s hat sitting at the corner on the way home. Poor man had eaten nothing for two days. He makes his way whistling to his single room in the basement of an apartment whistling after he filled his stomach empty for a long while. He is so happy that, upon seeing a puppy shivering with cold under the eaves, he cuddles it mercifully. The little dog was happy to get rid of a cold night. In a warm room, it scours in the room until morning. The apartment bursts into flames after midnight. A big fire is about to start. The dog, which smells the smoke starts barking so loudly that poor man wakes up first and then whole people who live in the apartment. Mothers and fathers save their babies who are about to choke from the smoke. “ Yes, all of this is the result of a smile worth nothing. If we would smile at those around us, what we lose? It is for free and effortless, but you can achieve great things with it…

“To build it is very hard, but it’s very easy to break it down,” is not an availing saying. I wish you would be constructive rather than destructive throughout your life…

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