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Advantages and disadvantages of developing mass tourism
Today tourism is one of the largest industries in the world. In some countries it is the main economic division. There is a wide variety of tourist types within the tourism market today,so much so that the term ‘average tourist’ has become irrelevant. (Murphy,1985) The United Nations states that ‘In Cambodia, one of the poorest countries in the world tourism is the main economic division was expected to generate 7.3% of gross domestic product (GDP) in 2004 and close to 400,000 jobs.’(United Nations, 2007).The most of people think that the economic impact of tourism is absolutely positive whereas the social and environmental impact ...view middle of the document...

Nowadays people can easily travel wherever they want, because there are many fast and cheap ways to travel. Thousand of people every day travel around the world. One of the reasons is that tourists wanted to know more about history and culture of the countries. They wanted to see famous buildings, old monument. For example Stonehenge is very popular for tourists. One of the most popular reasons why tourists are travelling is for pleasure. Tourists going to sunny places near the sea where they can relax. Some tourists like skiing holidays. Alps are very famous tourists destination for skiing. The third reason is that people travelling for health. This form of travel is very popular among tourists. They are going to spas and thermal baths and there are many places for it in the world. Sometimes people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol need help and they go abroad. An example of this is therapeutic tourism. As the Organisation of American States claims that

“Cuba presents an interesting form of therapeutic tourism by
offering highly qualified medical services to patients from
other countries at costs considerably lower than those at their place
of origin. Many times these medical services come as part of
tourist package and special housing arrangements are available
for this purpose”. (Feinsilver, 1989,p.40).

However tourism has negative impact on health. Tourists always travel from one country to another and they can spread different disease around the world. It is one of the main reasons of epidemic. However sometimes tourists do not know that they are infected. Although there are many examples of that tourists has carried with them different disease to other countries. For example AIDS and other sexual disease and it is impacts on health of hosts. Other example is famous disease SARS. It has been found in more than 20 countries and usually tourists brought it there. ( Wilson,1997) Many people have died because of these diseases. Another problem for hosts is when tourist has health problems in journey, they use medical service. Consequently it is medical service not available for local people. It is fact that health has impact on economy of countries. For example SARS that was pointed in paragraph above had big impact on the economy of Asian countries.

“Because of SARS in Hong Kong, lost revenue from hotels, restaurants, and
shops could amount to 0.5 percent of total gross domestic product in 2003.
Thailand, whose economy relies heavily on tourism, has barred visitors
suspected of carrying the virus from entering the country and required tourists
from the worst affected areas to wear face masks or risk fines.”(Globalization, published 04.13.2003)

From this we can see that it is dangerous for countries to bee too heavily geared towards the tourism as in Thailand or if they will do so as a result they will have big economic crisis. Economic leakage is another negative impact of tourism. When...

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