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Domestic Violence (The Women Of Juarez, True Tales From Another Mexico By Sam Quinones)

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Viewpoints from Mexico to the United State are all the same. I thought that you couldn't compare the two diverse countries. But after doing my paper about a story in the book called True Tales From Another Mexico, I have realized they have a lot in common. Women until this very day are overlooked, mistreated, and underpaid in both the United Sates and in Mexico. It seems like women will never be accepted equally. As stated by Sam Quinones in the book True Tales From Another Mexico, "The city went from 407,000 inhabitants in 1970 to what townspeople can only estimate is about 1.5 million people today..." (Quinones 139). The reason why it more than tripled was due to the fact of more ...view middle of the document...

Just as the women in Juarez and the United States, both [women] were mistreated and underpaid for what they did. I think women should choose what kind of work they want to do. Women should have the same rights as men. The majority of the world is sexist and will never admit it. It's those kind of people you should be afraid of. According to The American Heritage Dictionary rape is defined as: 1. The crime of forcing person to submit to sexual intercourse. 2. Seizing and carrying off by force; abduction (Pickett 694). It is also defined as any form of force sex, regardless of who the rapist is in relation to the victim and despite his use of penetration. Acquaintance rape is force, unwanted intercourse with a person she knows, whether it is a neighbor, classmate, friend, or even roommate. Most women, who will be and have been raped, become statistics because the assasended is familiar with them. This familiarity seems enough to allow the women to be comfortable with his presence, so much to the point that after the crime has been committed, she tends to wonder if in fact she'd been raped. However, the myth about rape is that rapists are strangers who attack women who ask for it, by dressing provocatively or being in the general population, which only accounts for one out of five attacks. When surveyed, none of the attackers considered themselves a rapistafter admitting to have forced intercourse on a woman. Date rape is the same in most frequently takes place on virtually all college campuses. This form of violation is much more complex and elemental, harder to recognize. Women say it isn't taken seriously; men say it is a concept invented by women who like to tease but not take the consequences. Those who concede say that it is when a man takes a date far without the woman's consent, the rebuttal is that it is not as devastating a crime as street rape and should not be taken as serious. Nevertheless, it usually happens when she is alone with him and maybe drugs and/or alcohol become involved. Although this is not the case with every incident, it is a factor. Date rape consists of three key elements, which are socialization, miscommunication, and changing sexual morals. Generally, the traditional male and female roles of society teach men to be aggressive, competitive, and determined. They are encouraged to e sexual and satisfy their curiosities so as strengthen their masculinity. Women have been taught to be submissive, dependant, "lady-like", and discouraged from exploring their sexual curiosity. It demeans women to suggest that they are so vulnerable to coercion or emotion manipulation that the strong arm of the law must always escort them. With these stereotypes, people misunderstand nonverbal messages like hugs and kisses as invitations to sex. A man feels teased and feels like he deserves satisfaction and therefore violates women. Those mixed signals cause the problem because on a date most men expect something in...

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