Domestic Violence And Elderly Abuse Essay

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Domestic Violence and Elderly Abuse Policy
By; Shay B. Young
May 28th 2012
CJA 464/ Criminal Justice Policy Analysis
Ronald Stock

Domestic Violence and Elderly Abuse
Domestic and elderly abuse is two forms of violence that happens to individuals from birth aged children to elderly individuals. Domestic and elderly abuse is a major issue that is experienced all around the world. These two forms of abuse and violence have many similarities, often times the abuse that starts as a child leads to abuse during adulthood. This paper will be going over the two forms of abuse, factors, statistics, and later a policy that is in place for the reduction of the two forms of ...view middle of the document...

More times than not women do not report the abuse because they fear what may happen if they do so.
Taking a look at Statistics
Domestic violence can result in death, injuries, long term trauma, and a lifelong haunting of the abuse. For children, sexual and domestic abuse can result in developmental setbacks and place them at risk as an adult in becoming an abuser or a victim of post traumatic stress disorder. Most abuse goes unreported due to changing family structures and complex relationships with the abused and the abuser. As a result, domestic violence is a multi-faceted issue that needs to consider many factors.
Domestic violence has been linked to lower socio-economic conditions which include high unemployment levels and housing costs. Case studies have shown that the victims of abuse are not only abused more often in the hard economic times but the parents are more likely to be the perpetrators. Individuals, who may not have been violent before, face a situation where they have no control over their emotions and express their frustration on their family. These are all factors that ultimately culminate into a family or a victim of long term abuse.
The news article about child killings in Great Britain also mentions that the greatest cause of infanticide, is not the economic conditions of the parent, but post-partum depression of the mother, which is more often related to mental and biological health than economics (“The good news: Child killings,” 2008).
A study among violent and non-violent men reveled that there is a link between the feelings of masculinity when an event occurs such as job loss. The difference between violent and non-violent men was that violent men did not feel an emotional connection with the stressor. The non-violent men controlled their stress before reacting and that their reactions, while tied to their emotions, were socially hindered normally and withdrew from the situation (Umberson, 2003). Therefore, while non-violent men may have feelings of anger or resentment due to changing situations, they may not necessarily translate these feelings into abuse. The study only examined the “feelings” of the men through the diary instead of...

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