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Domestic Violence Against Women Essay

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Gail Triblett

Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic Violence affects over half of the people in the world, majority of the

women are murdered because of this crime. Restraining order laws are not enough to

protect women from their abuser. Victims of domestic violence feel as though there

is no way out and they end up back at home with the abuser. Victims that are in

a domestic violence relationship should seek treatment and help on how to get out of

a violent relationship. The purpose of educating people, primary women, about

domestic violence is to prevent this violence and to tell women they have ways to get out.
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If an abuser

is abusing the woman eventually he will start to abuse the children as well. There have

been cases where the entire family seeked help and they were able to live a healthy life.

That is not the case in every situation that is one of a few that turns out that way. A lot of

times women see the signs and refuse to acknowledge them and sometimes it is too late.

It can be dangerous for anyone that is trying to help the victim, the abuser feels as if other

people are trying to keep him from his family and he will do whatever comes to mind to

Prevent that. In some cases that means serious injuries or death. Police officers are the

ones that catches the short end of the stick. They are often injured or killed trying to stop

a domestic violence act. The aggressor will feel as if someone is coming into his house

to tell him what to do. He feels as if he is the head of the house and that he can do

whatever he wants to do with his family. Police officers have lost their lives in the line of

duty due to domestic violence. It is widely believed that domestic violence calls poses the

greatest threat to police officers safety and law enforcement officers are most likely to be

injured or killed responding to category of calls (Meyer & Carroll). Domestic violence

can lead to poverty when the women depends solely on her mate to provide for the

household. The aggressor will feel as if he is carrying all the weight and will take it out

his partner, that can lead to a domestic violent act. Women that are survivors of domestic

violence can get assistance where they can become violent free and independent with the

assistance of social services such as, shelters, counseling, and public cash assistance.

How does the law help when it comes to domestic violence? If you ask some victims

they will say the law does not help at all. When a woman is assaulted because of

domestic violence the aggressor is only incarcerated for a short period of time and

is released. The woman will go get a restraining order against him but that does not

stop him from coming back to her house harassing her. I have answered many calls

where the aggressor violated the restraining order and on the first time it is warning. But

the next time he violates could result in a serious injury or death. I think the laws...

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