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Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic Violence 1

Domestic Violence
How do we survive?

Kelly Cross
ENGL135_ Advanced Composition
Instructor: Michael Doloski
February 23, 2011

Domestic Violence 2

I think that we need to learn what domestic violence is and figure out a way to stop this horrible crime. Domestic violence is the intimidation, physical assault, battery, sexual assault, and or other abusive acts that is perpetrated by one intimate partner to another. For centuries, domestic violence has been a problem in the homes of thousands of people, and has reached from one nation to another, it does not matter what your race or even social class. At one time domestic abuse was seen as being ...view middle of the document...

Domestic abuse does not just come in different forms, and it is not always physical, it can be mental, controlling, humiliation, and they can even use sex as a way to abuse their victim. The abuse can be sporadic, as it may not start right away, and may not happen often. Domestic violence can be found in any kind of intimate relationship, as it is not prejudice to age, race, education, gender, occupation, or even religion. Often times the abuse does not always show up in the dating process, as they want you to feel like you are safe, and that they love you, and I guess in their own sick and twisted way they do. They will try to make it right with buying gifts, or saying that they are sorry and that it will never happen again. Domestic violence needs

Domestic Violence 3

to be seen for what it is a socio- economical problem and not as a private issue in the home that can be easily ignored. It needs to get the attention that it so desperately needs from all the institutions that we have in our society. This problem not only affects the men and women that are
Out of fear, shame, and trying to protect my child, I never reported the abuse. It seemed to me that each time I managed to get out of one abusive relationship; I ended up right back in another one. Reports show that there is approximately one- quarter of domestic and physical assaults actually reported due to victims being scared that if they do report it, the abuse will get worse when the assailant is released, or they are ashamed of what people will think. It can make the victim feel demoralized when they are a victim of domestic abuse. Often law enforcement is unwilling to take a report or even get involved in these cases. I know how it can make you feel when law enforcement makes you feel as though there is no hope and your attacker has the right to hurt you because you are married to them. When I spoke to an officer and tried to report that my own husband raped me, the officer told me that he could not do anything because we were married and it was my husband’s right to have sex with me. Moreover, even if they do report it, it could take years for a domestic violence case to make it to court. So how is a victim supposed to overcome this and feel as though reporting the abuse can change their lives?
There have been incidents of domestic abuse to number around 1.3 million women per year. There is an average of 85% of the victims to be female, and 15% on average to be male victims. In 2004, approximately 2.2 million people in domestic violent cases that called a local or...

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