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Domain Structure Essay

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Managing Access to an Active Directory Environment

Managing Access to an Active Directory Environment
A group is a combination of users and computers with some authentication to control usage. The group is controlled by IT administrators who manage everything including users, data, and computers. At the time of creating a group, there are certain limitations that are set to decide who and how access will be delegated to a resource. With these limitations, it makes it very easy and effective to mitigate discrepancies as there are certain authentications to each user.
There are two types of such groups that Microsoft Windows has:
* Security Group
* Distribution Group
Distribution groups can be used only with email applications, such as Exchange to send email to user pools. Distribution groups are not security-enabled, which means that they cannot be listed in discretionary access control lists (DACLs).
The resources on a network are ...view middle of the document...

The group policy determines whom and how much permission of resources access is given to a group or individual user. These policies are used to administer terminals and servers on a certain network. The user and computer preferences are determined by the Windows group policy.
The Group Policy Object can also manage the directory options, file deployment and security related issues as well and it can also manage the sites, domains and OUs (Organizational Units).
Group Policy objects are carried out in following steps:
Local: Any specifications in machine’s domestic policy and version of operation system make it possible to make the policies for specific single users.
Site: It includes such policies that associate with the active directory site to which a specific machine belongs.
Domain: This refers to a specific domain of windows on which a computer is located. If there is more than one policy associated then the priority is determined by the maintenance personnel.
Organizational Units: It includes such Group Policies that as are associated with the OU of the Active directory and if there are more than one policy then these are executed according to the procedure as set by the admin.
Windows Server 2008 R2 has many new tools to be used with Active Directory, one such tool is Active Directory Administrative center which makes the management easy and effective. PowerShell 2.0 is a good feature that comes with Windows Server 2008 R2 as built in software that is a clear manifestation of the essence of command line environment for Microsoft.

The following is the table for each specific group and user connected to each other:
Name | Membership | Type | Scope | Permissions |
Ryan | Local group | User | Local | Read-only |
Brett | Universal group | Administrator | Global | Read and write |
Cindy | Global group | User | Global | Read-only |
James | Universal group | Administrator | Universal | Read and write |

There are only domains maintained by Huffman trucking, one is in China while the other is in San Jose. It has one group for each of four departments in San Jose and it is so easy for the admin to control it and such a group is called Global Security group and its users cannot connect to others networks.

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