Domain Of Nursing Practice Essay

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They are five domains described in the professional development framework, which should be considered when determining the actions of nursing practice. These five domains are clinical skills and knowledge, therapeutic relationships, professional relationships, professional development and the advancing practice through innovation and research (UMHS). As nurses it is our responsibility to know our scope of practice in our home state and any state we practice in. Also, we must continue to educate ourselves in our profession as health care ...view middle of the document...

Employers as well are responsible for providing nursing with policy and procedures, orientating nursing adequately to ensure the nurse understands her role and responsibilities and given the resources to maintain the ability to provide safe patient care. (CRNM).
It is the framework of the domains that guides nurses to keep on the path of continuum care and also up to date on technology and education. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the nurse to determine what is within the nursing practice based on the scope of practice, standard of practice, nurse practice acts, legal regulations an policy and procedures(ANA).
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