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Dollar Tree Financial Statement Analysis Week 6

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Dollar Tree
Financial Statement Analysis
DeVry University

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From 1970-1980 his son Dough Perry and Macon Brook founded K & K Toys multi-state chain stores. The first Dollar Tree Store opened up in 1986(then called Only $1.00) in Dalton, Georgia but, in 1991 K & K Toys was sold to KB Toys. In 1993 the name was changed to Dollar tree Stores which is now Dollar Tree Inc. Yet another milestone for Dollar Tree came in 1995 when it became a public company trading its stock on the NASDAQ Stock Market under the ticker symbol DLTR.
Question 1: What is the amount of property, plant and equipment on the balance sheet for the two most recent years? What is the amount of depreciation expense? What amounts are on the cash flow statement for the most recent year that relate to depreciation, gains and sales of property and equipment, and purchases and sale of property of equipment? What amounts are permitted for inclusion in the capitalized cost of property and equipment?
The amount of property, plant and equipment on the balance sheet for 2011 is $825,000,000 and, for 2012 is $741,000,000. The property, plant and, equipment was $84,000,000 higher in 2011 than in 2012.
(, 2012) Depreciation expense was $164.2 million, $159.7 million and $157.8 million for the years ended January 28, 2012, January 29, 2011, and January 30, 2010, respectively. Depreciation and, Amortization for 2012 is $163.9(in millions) and $159.7 (in millions). Proceeds from sale of short term investments in 2012 were $180.0 (in millions) and in 2011 were $10.8(in millions). Proceeds from stock used pursuant to stock-based compensation plans $10.0 in 2012 and, 20.1. Proceeds from sale of restricted investments are $5.3 (million) in 2011 and 52.1 (in millions). Capital costs include only external direct costs of materials and services consumed in developing or obtaining internal-use software and interest cost incurred, when material, while developing material use software.
Total property, plant and equipment, net | | $ | 825.3 | | | $ | 741.1 | |
Depreciation and amortization | | | 163.9 | | | | 159.7 | | | | 157.8 | |
Purchase of short-term investments | | | (6.0 | ) | | | (157.8 | ) | | | (27.8 | ) |
Proceeds from sale of short-term investments | | | 180.8 | | | | 10.8 | | | | - | |
Purchase of restricted investments | | | (16.3 | ) | | | (50.9 | ) | | | (37.3 | ) |
Proceeds from sale of restricted investments | | | 5.3 | | | | 52.1 | | | | 17.4 | |

Question 2: Looking at the footnote disclosures of the company, what are the individual components of property and equipment? For example, what are the amounts for land, building, equipment, accumulated depreciation, and so forth? How do companies account for nonmonetary exchange and dispositions of property and equipment?
The individual components of property, plant and equipment are (in millions):
Land, Buildings,
Depreciation expense was $164.2 million, $159.7 million and $157.8 million for the years ended...

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