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Dollar General Uses Integrated Software Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to analysis the case study “Dollar General Uses Integrated Software” The paper will seek to understand various issues concerning the implementation of the system as presented in the case study. It shall discuss the various facts concerning the implementation including the reasons for the needing the system,explaining why the old system created problems for Dollar general.The paper shall consider any alternatives to the software in order to reduce costs. It shall also make suggestion on what other software Dollar general my acquire for Lawson Software giving reasons as to why the software acquisition is necessary.
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The rapidly growing number of purchase orders,invoices, and receiving the report needed a large manual matching. Dollar General also wanted to create many different types of reports to support the management with marking business decisions. Though Dollar General had existing systems were not-integrated, and being legacy systems the were unable to communicate and share data with each other.

Justification for an Information System
Spending millions in dollars for an information system s a huge undertaking that had to be justified financially.They new integrated system had to save Dollar General millions in the long run. The system that was installed allowed various module to integrated , enabling the fulfillment of Dollar General's functionality business requirements as time passes. The Financials suite from Lawson allowed a staggered rollout through a phased conversion approach. This way Dollar General reduced interruption of operations. The new system is scalable, so it can Dollar General's expansion in the future.
Software to help Dollar General cut costs
CRM is about developing and managing relationships between a business,their existing customers and their prospective customers. It helps with creating a strong foundation upon which a business can thrive. With a CRM you can understand your customers, who the are , their likes, their dislikes,their needs and wants. In short CRM is all about understanding what your customers prefer and what their habits are in order to;
Increase their customer retention rate through creating relationships with their customers
Offer their customers the kind of service they expect
Enable their staff to know...

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