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Doing Good With Limited Resources Essay

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Doing good with limited resources
About 25 million citizens of the United States are underinsured and 8 to 10 adults believe that the U.S. healthcare system needs to be completely rebuild (Ulrich & Grady, 2009)
The health care system in U.S. need to improve the care for people who are underinsured or not insured at all. The effort must be made in order to keep the population healthy and the outbreaks of epidemics under control. Many of the U.S. citizens do not have access to health services or do not look for health services even when they need them, just because they are unable to afford it. The underinsured and noninsured people are falling under the categories of disparities for health care access, health care facilities and advanced ...view middle of the document...

All medical professionals are involved in “real life” drama and need to find the “imposable way” to help the patient.
According to Ulrich & Grady “the current health care system preferentially serves those who have the means to obtain and pay for service”. May be the professionals will be able to have some patients in need but for many this will be impossible. Reorganizing the health care and giving chances and access to health care to all citizens must be the goal of every one country of the world. Healthcare is not only the access to all possible resources but also the access to a professional with the knowledge and practice. It is to the professional with up to date knowledge to provide the appropriate care and eliminates the unnecessary cost for the patient. The trust needs to be restore in between the patient and health care provider. The nurse or the doctor must provide all the possible information to the patient and what are the alternative possibilities if the patient is unable to afford the cost.
In conclusion the health care needs to be accessed by anyone regardless of their financial ability. Every person of the world have the right to live a healthy life, every person have the right of healthcare. Health care is a necessity not a luxury. Rich or poor, all of us have the same life that need to be treated the same way.

Ulrich, C. PhD, RN, Grady, C. PhD, RN, FAAN – Doing good with limited resources: Is it good enough in the provision of quality clinical care - Clinical Scholars Revue, Volume 2, November 2009.

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