Does Work Place Design Increase Individual Job Performance And Well Being?

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Does work place design increase individual job performance and well-being?
Morgan A. Niehus
Florida Institution of Technology

Does work place design increase individual job performance and well-being?
Today more than ever there is more pressure on manager’s to hire and retain top talented people to stay competitive in their respective markets. Quality people have choices in where they work. People will choose a place of employment where they can work hard, be immersed in the latest technology, socialize with a diverse group of people, have pride in their work and share ideas to improve themselves and to improve performance, and have fun doing it. The work design is an ...view middle of the document...

This study was conducted with 120 office workers using a Workplace Environment Questionnaire to understand the relationships between workplace design factors and work performance. This study also included the effects of environmental control on performance. There were three study hypothesis (1)that following a workplace change and training intervention there would be an increase in all of the study variables workplace design and work performance, (2) that there would be significant relationships between the predictor variables of satisfaction of workplace design and environmental control and the outcome variables of individual performance, group collaboration and group effectiveness, (3) that environment control would mediate or moderate the relationships between the predictor (workplace design) and outcome variables (work performance)[1]
The second study that I looked at is Well-being and organizational Performance: An organizational–level test of the happy-productive work hypothesis by Toon W. Taris and Paul J.G. Schreurs. This is an organizational-level test that assumes that high individual well-being leads to high individual level performance, which should promote efficiency and productivity. Data was collected from 66 Dutch home care organizations to understand the link between emotional exhaustion and satisfaction with organizational performance.
The third study included in our research is a publication by Frank Pot from the Institute for Management Research at Radboud University Nijmegen, Nijmegen, The Netherlands. This paper is about the need for workplace innovation in Europe and the challenges companies face, and that it is possible to improve performance and work life quality under certain conditions.
Study one
Effect of a workplace design and training intervention on individual performance, group effectiveness and collaboration: The role of environmental control
The purpose of this study was to understand how work design impacted individual performance, organizational work performance, group collaboration and group effectiveness prior and after by implementing environmental controls and ergonomic training.
Environmental Controls
Environmental Control is the degree to which the office workspace supports organization of work materials, ease of adjustment of storage, adjustability of workstations features, flexibility of rearranging the workspace and furnishings [1] In the past little thought was given to work design, and even less thought on potential impact in individual performance and work quality. The extent of work design was centered on the number of windows in a room and how many people you could fit into one space. These types of designs did not typically support a productive work environment for individual workers and group collaboration. Instead of reduces undesirable elements such a noise, distractions, and workflow complications, it often increased them. These things can lead to undue and...

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