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Does The Traditional Sports Development Continuum Adequately Illustrate The Flow Of People In And Out Of Sport At All Levels?”

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Collins (1995) defined Sports Development as a process in which real opportunities, processes, systems and structure are created to boost people participation into sport and recreation or to improve their performance to any grade they wish to achieve. By that time in the UK, Sport Development was linked to increase participation and creation of opportunities, as Collins highlights in his definition. The term has evolved and is defined by Hylton and Braham (2008: 8) as “a term used to describe policies, processes and practices that form an integral feature of the work involved in providing sporting opportunities and positive sporting experiences.” Essentially sport development ...view middle of the document...

Figure 1. The traditional sports development continuum. (Source: Adapted from Hylton and Bramham, 2008)

Traditional Sport Development Continuum compare to further models
The first model was introduced in 1988 by the British council and as explained by Tungatt and MacDonald (1991) it consist in a logical progression from learning basic skills in foundation to performing as an elite performer in excellence, in another words, it locates development on a hierarchal basis (Hylton, 2008). The positive aspect resides in that the triangle shape shows a very straightforward model where it is easy to see what is needed to get to next level. The bottom is the wider in relation to participation in primary schools, youth groups and sports clubs and then permits a great quantity of more young people into sport therefore creating more opportunities in the lasting three stages, there’s consequently more probabilities of advance from every stage to the next one.
The traditional sports development continuum has been further modified and developed to adequate with new plans and programs, these are the House of sport Geoff Cooke (1996) which according to Hylton and Totten (2008) was designed on the bases of ‘sport for all’ which has always been an ideal rather than a logical and realizable plan. On the other hand, the active framework: Sport England. An ambitious plan which emphases on building the most complete sports development system worldwide through active schools, active communities, active sports and world class start, potential and performance programs.
In order to be able to explain the drop out occurring in the different stages of sports, it has to be considered the developmental model of sport participation (DMSP; Côté et al., 2003 and Côté and Fraser-Thomas, 2007). The authors claim that players...

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