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Does The Existence Of God Show That God Does Not Exist?

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Does the existence of evil shows God does not exist?
Most folks in the world are disheartened by the bitter fact that evil happens. People are astonishment as to why God can exist and at the same time allow the evil we see and experience each and every day in our environs to prevail (Braine 1-10). They fail to fathom the reason why the capable God would by genuine reasons agree to the notion that the power of choice should be bestowed in humans. They claim that if God is really a loving God he ought to allow his creations to decide if he really hopes to see a world where utmost love can subsists at all and they think man may misuse the ability bestowed in him to select acts in a very fierce ...view middle of the document...

This will serve to prove the existence of God in the universe and if in any case He has a hand in the occurrence of natural evil and the human evil that is rampant today. If some of the evil will be attributed to God then the first and clear postulation that I will make is that He exists, because what is not present cannot be involves in an occurrence. If he is absent then the evil could as well be absent. My first argument will be to connect God to the occurrence of evil so that I can be able to justify my point that the existence of evil does not show the absence of God. There must be genuine reasons why God allows evil to occur on earth to His innocent souls (Reichenbach 90-96).
I believe that the catastrophes that happen have some positive effects in our spiritual lives. The natural evil do not portray God as non-existent but tend to cause humans to start a strong and healthy relationship with the almighty God (Langtry 67). As a Christian I believe that the evils serve the purpose of bringing us close to God. May Christians can confess to the fact that their first and thoughts about God were made in an era of crisis. Many individuals would not give God a chance in their live were it not for a tragedy happening in their lives. The natural evil therefore act as a facilitator for making a choice to come closer to God are to distance ourselves from Him. The existence of evil therefore does not work to show that God is non-existent but God Himself uses it as a tool to people towards Him and challenges them to give Him a chance in their lives.
The occurrence of evil does not show that God does not exist, because it influences humanity to cultivate the moral character of the almighty God. Considering the nature of the current world, it is beyond reasonable doubt that there are imperfections in it. Peril and danger envisages the life of innocent beings. Such a world requires paramount cooperation and co-existence so as to enable the biodiversity to overcome the challenges effectively. But on many occasions the love and compassion is only shown in instances of calamity. Is it in the time of disaster that we can best show our love to the victims of disaster and that we can get the opportunity to develop and form our moral character in line...

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