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Does Liberalism Really Offer The Most Freedom?

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Does libertarianism really offer the greatest amount of individual freedom? Why or why not?

Libertarianism offers great amounts of individual freedom to the people governed under it. Whether it truly offers the greatest amount of freedom in comparison to other forms of political theory is highly debatable and very subjective in nature.
We as Americans live in a liberal society and our government is appropriately structured as one. Any person who attends public schools are indoctrinated into liberalism whether they know it or not. Professors and teachers all read, study and structure their classes based off of the works of their predecessors who read the works of theirs as well. Our ...view middle of the document...

106). Libertarianism makes sure that people are taken care of in society if they cannot care for them selves, which is very important to maintaining a strong economy. I believe that a libertarian form of government is also less susceptible to corruption (yet it still happens) due to the fact that there are so many people with different interests involved in the government and its procedures.
Liberalism being ruled by the people’s interests also encompasses a lot of ethics and moral ideals. The problem with ethics and morals is that they are always subjective to different groups of people. The ethics and morals of a person raised in the southern parts of America are different that those raised in the Dakotas and further more than someone from Mexico. In a liberal society the largest group of people typically have the most significant impact on the political decisions, thus invoking their morals and ethics into the government. A liberal government is highly incorporated with its people’s ideologies (Ethics & morals), which is great when dealing with its own people but in the realm of world affairs it causes up stir. “The danger of minding other people’s business is two fold....

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