Does Csr Have A Real Impact Outside Of Marketing ?

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Carpe Antoine

Does CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) have a real impact outside of marketing ?
« For each product bought, a tree planted ». In 2011, the french firms Danone and Casino, as many others, answered the SOS Sahel association call to fight massive deforestation. This operation was an environmental success, and allowed more than one million trees to be planted in different areas. But it also was a marketing success, boosting the sales of the participitating firms. This is a perfect example of CSR. This concept of corporate self-regulation integrated into a business model emerged in the 1960’s, and encompass different fields, such as environmental sustainability, ethical ...view middle of the document...

In France, the association « Les Amis de la Terre » has created the Pinocchio awards of sustainable development in 2008, electing ironically the « biggest lyers » in order to alert the consumers on the real practices of companies pretending to be « clean ». This year, with more than 41.000 votes, the internauts designated the firms Veolia, Areva and Auchan. This illustrate the appearance of a global awareness of consumers, that are less and less dupe on the real motivations of firms promoving fakes programs, and the danger for them to use it, their try to improve their reputation becoming a very bad publicity.

But beyond the marketing impact of CSR, it can be a source of improvement, inside or outside the company.

II - CSR as a factor of improvement

First of all, an ethical politic of firms can always be highly valuable in other startegic fields than marketing. Indeed, the moral values of the employees can push them to want to work for a firm that respect things they believe in. Thereby, those measures will increase the firms attractiveness and limit turnover. We could say the same thing, in a lesser measure, for the stakeholders who don’t want to invest in something against their ethical values. It can also help in the...

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