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Does Anyone Really Know How Parents And Teenagers Co Exist?

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Eillan Jennings
Professor Annie Murray
English 1550
Research Essay
18 November 2011
Does Anyone Really Know How Parents and Teenagers Co-exist?
Well I know anyone can relate to having an argument or two with their parents over the course of time but does understand how that the adolescent stage of a person’s life is this most important stage of their life. I believe personally that parents should allow their teenagers the freedom to make their own decisions because of the circumstances that will be soon to come. I am writing this essay to describe why teenagers should be able to express their rights as adults. Either the term close restriction or freedom of expression, of the young ...view middle of the document...

When a child gets to that adolescent stage of their life, parents fear it the most because of “rebellion,” that society has made all teenagers out to be. Sometimes these projections are dead-on about a person’s outlook but people should not be so quick to judge and categorize a teenager just because of their age and knowledge that has not been expressed to them.
I feel that teenagers should be given a glimpse amount of freedom that will be received at adulthood because this lays a foundation for more responsible acts to take place along with the past events in that young person’s life. After completing a large amount of research I have come to find out many parents feel that they were not prepared for most of events that occurred while raising teenagers because of the unpredictability of life itself. So with this no one knows what can possibly happen so I believe that in these situations that parents should let the teenager be able to handle the situation whether it is good or bad in the manner of with they choose. And then afterwards the parent should guide them through it instead of restricting them with unnecessary rules that are not how life happens. Many will be surprised with and even shocked how mature some teenagers actually are. And yes most of the credit of this belongs to the parent of this person but some of it belongs to the teenager maturing on their own without anyone having to “hold their hand” through something as expressed in the article “Positive Discipline For Teenagers,” by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott. This shows a numerous amount of methods that parents enacted on their young-adults to teach certain lessons and provide guidance to their children. One of the method described that my parents also enacted on me was the son got detention repeatedly from school, and the parents instead of punishing him did nothing to him. I found that the reasoning behind this was so that he could learn from himself and learn that this is your life it is what you decide to make of it, and the parents are not always going to be around to tell you right from wrong, which actually they should not have to do anymore. Once the self-imposed guilt began to set in my head I learned that lesson and I feel that I am a better person for it. Although at the time being I did not understand what my parents were trying to accomplish by doing this because I was not thinking clearly what so ever. One thing teenager fail to understand is that their parents were once teenagers themselves and they just want their children to not make the same mistakes they did.
Another reason why I feel that parents should let their teenagers freedoms because, even though this is a mostly personal statistic, most things that a teenager has done in their life and why they are thinking and reacting in certain ways are because of the people whom they are around most who are the parents themselves. Most parents do not realize how much influence their life actually has on a teenager,...

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