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Document 1 Essay

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Unit 6: The Industrial Revolution, ca. 1780-1850
Chapters 22 (McKay) Study Guide

Directions: Part I of the study guide will not be assessed as part of the Study Guide grade; however, it is a crucial component of the Course Notebook grade. You are required to provide a 2-3 sentence identification of each term that appears below. This identification should include a basic definition of the term (who, what, where, when) and also a statement of significance (So what?). After each unit, you should print these terms and place them in your Course Notebook. At times, I will ask you to bring these notebooks to class so that I can check your progress in this matter.

Part I Identifying Key ...view middle of the document...

How did James Watt’s improvement of the steam engine affect the course of the industrial revolution?
6. How did the change in textile production affect employment in spinning and weaving for adults and children?
7. What effect did the French Revolution and the wars of 1792-1815 have on the economies of the continental states? What were the variations in the timing and extent of industrialization in the United States, Belgium, Germany, and France?
8. What disadvantages and advantages were felt by countries that industrialized after Great Britain?
9. Describe the conflict between labor and capital during the industrial revolution. Did Britain’s new industrial middle class ruthlessly exploit the workers? Why or why not?
10. Describe the relationship between industrialization and urbanization.
11. Did the standard of living improve or decline between 1790 and 1850? Why or why not? What about other factors, such as diet and working conditions?
12. What was the effect of the factory system in Britain on the family?
13. What was the subcontract system and how did it work? Did it have a negative or a positive impact on working-class life?
14. What is meant by the term sexual division of labor? What are the various theories about its emergence?
15. What efforts were made to improve working conditions during the industrial revolution?

Part III Chronological Awareness
Directions: Place the following events in the correct chronological order. Provide the year of each event. Since the events are given to you in a sequence that is out of chronological order, please reorder the events correctly. In the event that one or more of the events listed below do not have a single year in which it took place, provide the appropriate date ranges. Rewrite this list in the correct chronological order, providing the year of the event, occurrence, or trend.

1. Great Exhibition is held at the Crystal Palace
2. George Stephenson introduces the Rocket
3. James Watt patents the modern steam engine
4. Parliament repeals the Combination Acts
5. Luddites attack factories in northern England
6. James Hargreaves invents the Spinning Jenny
7. British Factory Act
8. Creation of the Zollverein
9. Friedrich Engels The Condition of the Working Class in England
10. Thomas Malthus Essay on the Principle of Population

Part IV Multiple Choice Practice
Directions: Each of the questions or incomplete statements below is followed by five suggested answers or completions. Select the one that is best in each case, and then write the letter and the answer of your choice on your study guide.

1. Industry developed in nations outside of Britain because
a. In the United States slavery was so expensive there were plenty of workers for factories.
b. In Belgium high tariffs protected growing industries.
c. In India the cotton industry was big enough that Indians built their own large textile industry.
d. In...

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