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Doctor Essay

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Giorgio Paolo Natale Sánchez A01018914
Andrés Prieto Pérez
February 8 2013
Homework 3
La ley de Herodes
This movie is basically about the corruption in this country (Mexico), also it talk about the politic in Mexico; the main character is Juan Vargas. At the start our main character was imposed as the municipal president of San Pedro de los Aguados (His predecessor was killed by de ...view middle of the document...

When Juan was going to San Pedro de los Aguados he talks with his wife about some of his dreams and in the road they saw a guy who doesn´t know how to speak Spanish, then when they arrive to the town, Vargas met with Peca (His secretary), because he needed to know the situation of the town; then Vargas went with Doña Lupe to talk about business (Her brothel were causing diseases), and Doña Lupe, tried to bribe Vargas with money but he didn´t accept finally he leaves the place without doing to much.
Time later Vargas goes to the D.F, his car gets broken and he met a gringo, which helps him with the car. At that time Vargas doesn´t have money and he opts to apply stupid taxes to the people with the lie “The modernity of the town is near”.
At he end of the movie Vargas becomes very ambitious and changed some laws of the constitution to get what he want (Money) obviously, the citizens of the town become more poor. The worst of all, is that Vargas believes that he is making everything right and as a result the people of the town started a revolt against Vargas.

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