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Do You Speak English? Essay

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Interest groups are the groups that are associated with a company and have their own interests in its operations, an inherent part of a company’s operations. There are many facts required in an interest group such as: Owner, investor, Customer, Suppliers, Competitors, Management, Employee,…

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is an example of company’s operation. It’s a famous school in Kainuu region. With its 2,000 students and 150 staff members, Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is a multidisciplinary centre of higher education. Their special task is to support the economic and regional development, innovations and internationalisation in Kainuu. It supplied not only Finnish ...view middle of the document...

For instance, we don’t have to pay tuition fee in school, … Otherwise, It controls business by passing law or ordinances as well as using administrative power in supervising compliance with the laws. Every year, school has an Open Doors Day – which can advertise school for student from many regions to choose this school for studying continually. That means the students have the choice to choose this school or another ones. Other schools have to be considered as competitors – which raise the level of Competition, that lead to the best quality as well.

For another example: PRISMA – famous supermarket system in Finland, especially there’s one in Kajaani where many goods and services have been founded easily. It
Owner: belonging to SOK (Finnish Cooperative Centre Municipality, founded in 1904)
Management: President Rami Ahonen and Manager Assistant Kaarina Lehtisalo
Competitors: other supermarkets in Kainuu region: K-citymarket, LidL, S market, Maxi… and many supermarkets in Finland.
Suppliers: many internal and external resources like: Pikka, Extra, Koti,…They supply daily consumer goods, food, drink, household equipments, electronics, computers, leisure goods,…
Workforce: Staffs, transporters, Cashier,…
Customers: everybody can be considered as customers, not only young but also old people, female and...

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