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Do You Love Me? Essay

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Do You Want Me BackIf You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda is a love poem the author dedicated to his homeland Chile during his exile because of his ties with the Chilean Communist Party. Although, it may seem like a love poem to his lover, if you look closely into his life you can start to see why this poem is based on his native country. This poem discusses the authors love for his country and the consequences that will come if the feeling is not mutual. Pablo Neruda built the theme of devotion for a country and how far one will go through metaphors, symbolism and unusual poem structure.At first glance, one might assume that this poem is about a love between a man and his lover. However, when you ...view middle of the document...

The "little ships" are the memories that guide him back home which fuels his love even more. Then Pablo Neruda explains, "to leave me at the shore/ of the heart where I have roots/ that on that day, / at that hour, / I shall lift my arms/ and my roots will set off" (25-30). This metaphor shows that Neruda is comparing the roots to his homeland. He is stating that if his country doesn't him back he will simply forget everything that has to do with Chile. It might sound harsh at first, but if you read closely his tone is very hesitant when he says this. These lines are showing how far he will go if he can't get what he wants because he is very desperate for the countries love but he will not just wait around. In the final stanza, the author tries to negotiate by saying that if the country wants him back he will love it like no other. "ah my love, ah my own, in me all that fire is repeated in me nothing is extinguished or forgotten, my love feeds on your love, beloved (lines 38-39)." The author's final stanza, shows that the fire is a metaphor comparing his faithfulness with the love of his country. The "fire is repeated" and "nothing is extinguished" means that the author will again be faithful and will never question his love towards his native land. These three beautiful metaphors are the foundations that signify his attempts to explain his devotion and love to his country as long he is loved back.Another element Pablo Neruda uses is symbolism to build the theme of love and devotion. In the second stanza of the poem, Neruda says "aromas, light, metals, / were little boats/ that sail/ toward those isles of yours that wait for me" (13-16). The author uses aroma, light and metal to show the things that reminded him of home. He uses aroma instead of smell, light instead of color and metal instead of physical objects to intensify his feelings towards his home. The boats are his memories and the isles is the country that he wishes to come back too. He uses words like aroma, light and metal because his love was so strong that he saw Chile as something more beautiful and simple words could not compare to what he was feelings. Another example of symbolism is when the author says, "at the crystal moon at the red branch/of the slow autumn at my window" (lines 5-6). The crystal moon and the red branch symbolizes the country and when he looks out of the...

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