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Do The Potential Risks Justify Stopping Development Of Gm Foods When They Would Be Of Benefit To The Developing Countries?

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Do the potential risks justify stopping development of GM foods when they would be of benefit to the developing countries?Genetically modified, or GM, foods are becoming more popular around the world. They offer many benefits as they can be changed so that they can meet their environmental needs. This therefore leads to a higher crop yield. However, with such kinds of advancements the widespread use of them could lead to massive long-term side effects that have not been foreseen. In this essay I am going to cover both sides of the great GM debate.The main reason for people to use GM foods is to make them more resistant to their environment. For example, a gene from a fish has been introduced to strawberries so that it can with stand icy weather ...view middle of the document...

The alternative to this problem is to give them vitamin A supplements, which are expensive on a large scale.Despite the positive sides of GM foods many people believe that they are wrong and that we should not temper with the environment in such a way. Their view is that there may be long-term effects of the foods. If a gene was placed into a crop it may produce a certain protein that is poisonous. This would then gradually affect the food chain a corrupt the balance of species in that area.Another problem with GM crops is that they will have to be grown outside. When outside they could contaminate organic crops. So if there are any problems with the crop, it would become very hard to revert to the original unmodified crop.In March 1998 Iceland, the first supermarket, banned GM ingredients from its stores. This was followed in 1999 by many of the other large supermarkets. This alone shows how concerned people have become about eating GM foods. Due to this fact it is illegal to grow GM crops in the UK. However, this may all change in June 2003 when a report is finished about GM trials performed in the UK. At present it appears that Tony Blaire will allow farmers to grow GM foods.At the moment many third world countries have already started to use GM foods. I hope that GM fields will not become common place in the UK because of the potential damage it could do to the ecosystem. It is proven that there is enough food in the world to feed the entire population. So it raises the question of why do we need GM foods in the first place. I personally feel that GM foods are mainly being used to create additional profit for large organisations. This is because it has allowed supermarkets to charge higher prices for organic foods.

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